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    Front Panel connections D865GBF


      Newbie here - to the community, but old hand at PCs.  I need to reconnect the front panel connections on this board to J9J1.  The manual has a diagram and a table to explain the connections - but I must be really dumb. (well my wife thinks I am).  Table 10 in the manual on page 43 confuses me.  There are 9 pins on the jumper set, numbered 1 to 9, L to R, top to bottom.  I am not sure whether the HDD LED connects to 1 and 2, or 1 and 3.  Similarly with the on/off switch.  Does it connect to 5 and 6, or 6 and 8.  Here is the link to the manual...



      Is there anyone out there brighter than me?  I don't want to connect them incorrectly, turn on the PC and fry the board.  I am trying to help a friend who cannot afford a new PC, and I disconnected them to test the switch (may be faulty) thinking that the manual will direct me as to how to reconnect...


      So if an Intel guru or someone who has the same board, can you help me please?