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    Win7 64bit Intel USB 3.0 Driver for NUC NUC5i7RYH


      Aside from the horrible web experience I am finding with the Intel website, I was hoping now that I can finally get in, that I could get a little help with the Drivers for the NUC that I bought and delivered to my 84 year old father.


      In the download Center-  many of the drivers for the NUC5i7RYH have been updated, but the one for the USB3 ports has not been since June.

      In the driver download it says:



      *****  WARNING  *****
      Do not run this driver's installer (Setup.exe) from a USB storage device (i.e. external USB hard drive or USB thumb drive). For proper installation, please copy driver files to a local hard drive folder and run from there.

      After installing this USB 3.0 driver, your USB keyboard and mouse may not work in Windows*. This is only a driver installation related problem and is currently under investigation. Follow these steps to solve this problem:


      1. During boot, press F8 to access the Advanced Boot Options menu.

      2. Select "Last Known Good Configuration (advanced)".


      The USB keyboard and mouse should now work in Windows.



      First of all, since this is already at my fathers, I really don't want him to have to go through this.
      The REASON why the drivers have to be updated is that there seems to be an issue with plugging in his Logitech wireless keyboard. 
      Plugging in the dongle, the keyboard behaves very erratically- to the point of uselessness.


      I need an installer that will not kill both keyboard and mouse - yet allow either of his Logitech keyboards to work.while I was


      I have gotten ZERO assistance from Intel themselves while I was working on adding the Drivers.  They might make great hardware, but their official support leaves... and has yet to come back to me.
      Help?  I just want to be able to set this up for him to use.

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          I have seen this issue previously (or at least one with similar symptoms)...


          In my cases, I saw the issue occurring with a number of wireless devices. This included a Logitech keyboard, a Logitech mouse and a SIIG keyboard (with integrated trackball so mouse unnecessary). In all cases, the USB 3.0 interface (and driver) were not the culprit(s) at all; the erratic behavior was alleviated by simply moving the device closer to the NUC! In the one case, I also got the SIIG keyboard to work with the system's integrated Bluetooth interface (rather than its included dongle) and found that the range for the keyboard was slightly increased in the process (alas, still not to the distance I had hoped for; I wanted to have the keyboard work on my lap as I sat on our couch, since usage is HTPC).


          Can you verify that this is not your issue as well?


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            I certainly wish I had known about the SIIG keyboard with the trackball - sounds like it would have been ideal.  I cannot verify that this is not the issue - both both wireless keyboards and mouse attempted had a rating of a respective 33 and 30 feet, and we were attempting to access in less than half of that.  But no, I didnt attempt to set the keyboard directly next to the NUC.  The NUC is currently a three hour drive away from me, otherwise I would do the required experimenting.
            Seeing that you too had issues with wireless -  how did you solve your problem?  I had the same idea in my mind-  that my father could just leave the NUC by the TV, and access it from his chair.


            I would be more than happy to attempt ANY solution.  That being said, did you have any other issues installing drivers?

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              Alas (and I am almost embarrassed to say), my short-term solution has been to move a little closer to the PC when I have to use the keyboard; a pain but...


              The wireless Logitech keyboards that I bought (when they were on sale for less than US$20) were a low-end model (K250), so I wasn't *that* disappointed when I had intermittent problems (you get what you pay for). Still, I saw issues (though a lot fewer) with Logitech mice as well - even fairly expensive ones. I haven't seen anything that lists the expected range for the models that I tried, but my overall experience says less than 10 feet for reliability.


              What I would really like to find (if indeed they even exist as a product) is a wireless USB range extender, so that I can have a USB hub close to where I sit that has the dongle(s) for the device(s) plugged into it. I have seen USB range extenders that use CAT5 wiring, but this would be a pain to run...



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                Both of the keyboards and mouse I have used at my own place-  sitting much further away.  So I thought it had to be something to do with the USB drivers - which Intel has failed to really address since June.  Sadly - neither were the $20 models.
                Do you have the same NUC Kit that I do?  Did you have any issues with the drivers when you were installing them?

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                  The NUCs that I have are all from previous generations; I retired from Intel just prior to the RY generation being released. I did, however, spent a lot of time testing preproduction versions of RY before I retired. I do not remember having any issues with driver installation but, then again, we were doing it almost daily and we were helping with the initial debug of the drivers so there were rough edges that we ignored.


                  Not seeing updates to the USB 3.0 driver is usually an indication that no issues have been reported and fixed. Of course, it's only been two months and not a lot will happen in that short a period (the amount of time it takes for an issue to be reported, verified to exist, a fix developed for it, the fix tested by silicon team and then the driver package tested by the board team can be significant). Again, I would be looking for something else causing this issue. Another thing I just thought of is interference. As an example, if the devices are Bluetooth-based, remember that Bluetooth operates in the same 2.4 GHz band that cordless phones, Wireless (B, G and N) networking, etc. and etc. are using. If the problems were not occurring while you were testing the unit in your home, look at the differences that exist in your father's home and see if eliminating them alleviates the problem.



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                    There are issues with the USB3.0 drivers as listed on the Driver Download page - has been for months, and while most of the other drivers have been updated very recently - this driver is still not getting attention.  Looking at the driver description, Intel TELLS the user that there are install issues.


                    There are far FAR less wireless signals in my fathers house than mine.  That includes everything with a motor.  He has NO other wireless devices and only seldom uses the microwave.  He even keeps his old flip cellphone OFF most of the time.

                    It seems that this may be an issue with the USB3 ports and the RF interference from them, or possibly not sufficient power output to the Logitech dongle.  Some people have found fixes by putting the dongle on a USB extension - something that I will attempt in my next visit down to see the Fam.  Potential USB 3.0 interference - Logitech Forums


                    As a sidenote - I have used the driver update tool several times now as well-  and many of those driver installs fail.



                    This NUC is a nifty box, but I think Intel engineers may have not solved the problem of RF interference in such a small space.  I will let you know if putting the dongle on an extension solves it - if it does, then we will know for sure.

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                      Sure enough  using a USB extension cable helps considerably.  It's the NUC itself that is the enemy of anything 2.4 wireless.
                      I am very disappointed in the Intel Engineers in this - this hidden little flaw would have saved me the money of buying one until they have it properly shielded.


                      So-  I am going to go one step further and find a USB HUB and plug that in instead of a long extension cable.  At least there will be some more use out of it.


                      And - as of this writing-  Intel STILL has not fixed the USB3.0 driver installer on the driver download page.  The "latest" driver is still dated as 06/22/2015 while other drivers have been updates several times over.  The LAN driver was updated last and that was on 09/04/2015.


                      The wireless issue, and even more directly the "just fiddle with it til it works" mindset with drivers shows that Intel just isn't paying attention to customers.