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    help : i7 or xeon for workstation 3d studio max and vray rendering


      Hi,  i am using 3d studio max with v-ray engine for architecture modeling and rendering based on CPU, i use several PC - all intel I7, 4790K, 3930K and 4930K, the technology of rendering depends on using the threads of CPU, each Threads give me a bucket for rendering, it mean more threads, less time for render,  and i use network render, to use more threads, and i search there and there to know the different between the xeon and I7, but i confused, i want to built new workstaion with 2 CPU xeon, and my i need help to let me choice, i need to reach the speed of 4970K with more cores in xeon, how can i compare in speed , and the speed in I7 comparing wuth xeon, i never find xeon with 4 to 4.4 Ghz , but in I7 the 4970K is 4 to 4.4 Ghz, so it is useful to get less speed in xeon? i will feel slow rendering time with xeon ? for single CPU, i need help really ,,, thanks and regards