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    Something went wrong after update


      I use a i5 4670k processor.

      I upgraded  to Windows10, after that  I went ahead and updated everything.. Grafik card, processor and all.


      Everything went fine, Windows 10 was downloaded, worked without any issues.

      After the download it needed to reboot, so I did.. Here's the thing,the screen no longer gets a signal, there is no contact between the computer and monitor, the computer is running, no new odd sound or anything... just nothing on the screen, I didn't touch any cable or button after I rstarted the reboot.

      What happened and what do I do?


      First time posting a anything here so sorry if I'm asking at the wrong place.

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          Hi lars.stor,

          I am sorry to hear that you are having issues.

          Is the system POSTing? Can you see the system starting-up, not the Operating System but the BIOS?



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            All I SEE on the screen is, "no signal" rguevara rguevara

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              Hello Lars.stor,


              When the monitor displays the message “No signal” it is because it is not receiving any information from the source. The fact that the computer powers up not necessarily means that it is POSTing so it is necessary to confirm that the system is POSTing and not giving video or if it is not POSTing at all.


              I know your computer has an Intel® Core™ i5-4670K Processor which includes the Intel® HD Graphics 4600 but I am wondering if you are using the on board graphics of the system or a PCI Express video card.


              Here some recommendations you can try to start narrowing down the problem:


              • Confirm that your monitor is working by testing it in another computer
              • Test a different video cable (if possible)
              • If your computer offers more than one video port type like HDMI, DVI, VGA, DisplayPort, please test another monitor in a different on board video port (if possible)
              • If you are using the on board graphics then try to get a PCIe video card and test it.
              • If you are using a PCIe video card then remove it from the machine and test the computer using the on board graphics


              If you still don’t get any video activity after trying these recommendations and there is no Windows welcome sound after you turn the computer on, I am afraid that you need to do deeper hardware troubleshooting.


              To provide you with better recommendations please let me know the brand name and model number of the computer you have (if it is a branded one) or the details of the entire hardware you have installed.