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    Intel 4400 Graphics on Windows 10


      I am having a major issue, running 2 monitors on Windows 10 - one using VGA and one using Display port.


      Windows 10 does not recognise the display port adapter, or any monitor connected to this. But this is only after windows loads. (I get the Windows Loading screen on the Display Port monitor). My machine works fine on Windows 7.


      I have installed the relevant drivers, including the most recent version, but this just caused my VGA monitor to become a wonderful flashing rainbow. This then causes the machine to become unusable, until you do a hard reset (You cannot view anything on the display, because of the rainbow).


      When you restart the PC, and go to device settings, I get the following:


      When I then go into the device properties, I get the following:



      I also have a video of the 'rainbow; if this is appropriate?


      Any advice, or a fix would be much appreciated. (Dell Technical Support are no help! Even though they have stated my machine is fully workable with Windows 10)