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    windows resized after waking monitor from sleep on Windows 10


      I'm having an issue when running Windows 10 64bit on my Intel NUC d54250wykh with an LG W2453 monitor connected with HDMI.


      Whenever the monitor goes to sleep (or the NUC goes to sleep) and I wake it, the opened windows are resized (ie chrome, windows explorer, etc). When I do wake the monitor, it sounds like Windows 10 disconnects and reconnects the monitor as I hear the disconnect and reconnect sounds through the PC speakers. Windows 10 will also sometimes tell me I'm not running the optimal resolution when waking from sleep and advise me to use the same resolution that its already running at, or it recommends a resolution that the monitor doesn't seem to support.


      I've tried re-installing the Intel Graphics drivers as well as removing and reinstalling the Display driver for the monitor, but it hasn't resolved the issue.


      I do not have this issue with Windows 8.1 64 bit.


      Any ideas?