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    #BugReport #Video_memory_mangment_internal #Build 10525


      Hi All,

      I have a Zotac EI750 with 16 Gig Ram and 500 Gig SSD running windows 10 Build 10525 updated as of yesterday night.



      It seems to me that the Graphic Driver is very instable and as of the most recent build i keep getting crashes (blue screen) and DisplayPort issues.


      There are two distinguish issues which i want to raise and i hop the MS team is able to pick these up.


      A) When booting up and the computer is connect via the DisplayPort it seems from time to time it looses the setting of the Display and i keep hearing a beep and when windows loads I have 640x480 screen resolution. The Zotac has 2 DisplayPorts, All i need to do is to change the displayport from 1 to 2 and vice versa and the screenresolution is set to the normal 1900x1200. It might be that the Graphic drivers are not solid enough and have some issue to notice that there is only one single screen connected.


      B) I updated to version Windows 10 Build 10525 as of yesterday night and i started to see "Video_memory_mangment_internal" error followed by a blue screen.


      In post on answers.microsoft.com it was requested that one would provide the DMP files and systeminfo i also included the event files for review.


      Taking some time to analyze the memory dump files it is very clear that the issue is directly related to the Intel drivers.


      Logs and DMP files can be find in the RAR file on below link.




      Thank you