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    newly assembled computer not booting


      I am assembling a new computer and it is not booting


      Intel DP45SG motherboard

      Intel Core2 Quad processor

      Logitech USB 2.0 keyboard (wireless)


      Behaior is different if the keybord USB 'plug' is inserted or not



      With no keyboard


      The Intel splash screen displays with "EB" in the lower right corner

      The system beeps once

      The lower right code changes to "92" and the following 3 lines are displayed

      BIOS F2

      Boot menu F10

      Boot PXE F12


      After a while the following appears


      Intel Boot Agent GE

      PXE 61 Media test failure, check cable

      PXE M0F Exiting Intel Boot Agent

      Boot Failure

      Press any key to continue


      If I insert the keyboard USB 'plug' at this point and press a key, the system responds by repeating the Intel boot agent sequence above.




      If I reset the computer with the UBS keyboard plug inserted, the Intel splash screen displays with the EB code.

      The Function key messages do NOT appear