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    Intel Edison with Arduino Breakout not booting (3.3 V shorted to GND)


      I received my Edison from Instructables for the Intel IoT invitational last Saturday. It arrived okay so I have been using it for a while... Yesterday I was booting the Edison with a USB pendrive connected to the Host port and it was not working.

      I found out that the LED's DS1 and DS2 was not on while DS3 was flashing.

      Touching the bottom of the Arduino Breakout after a few minutes around the area where the Edison was plugged to it felt a bit warm. The top side of the Edison (RF shielding can) was also getting warm.


      I got curious so I took out my multimeter and probe around the power lines, thinking that the Edison might not have any power somehow. When I was probing the 3.3v rail. I found that it was shorted to GND. Unplugging the Edison from the Arduino breakout I found that the short was from the Edison module. (pins 8,10 on the Hirose connector to GND)


      Did I somehow broke my Edison or is it something else? Can I get a replacement to continue on learning about the Edison and programming?


      Also, when i was using the Arduino IDE to program the Edison (before it broke?), the code stops running the moment I unplugged the USB cable, Is this supposed to happen? The power was okay and Yocto Linux is still working then.