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    Network disconnected after Restart with Windows 10


      Since upgrading to Windows 10, every time I Restart the Nuc (from Start menu), the computer restarts with the network disconnected. So no internet access.

      Automatic repair (reset network adapter) has no effect.


      The work arounds are:

      1) Unplug and replug the network cable

      2) Reboot the computer by power off then on.


      This issue only occurred since upgrading to Windows 10.  Windows 8.1 was fine. Google says other people report this issue and it may not be limited to Intel Nuc computers.

      Google search examples of same/similar issue:


      Losing internet connection after installing Windows 10 - Windows 10


      Is this a known issue? Is there a solution?

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          I was able to replicate the issue on an Intel NUC D34010WYKH.  Similar issue as OP only Windows 10 Pro 64bit, reboot and you lose network connectivity.  Had to disconnect cable and reboot as mentioned above.  Disabling adaptor and enabling adaptor did not work.  Removing Ethernet cable did identify a network cable was unplugged, but plugging it in did not resolve the issue.


          Same NUC reloaded (different SSD to quickly test back and forth) to Windows 7 Pro 64bit not having the issue.  I installed latest Intel drivers for the test.


          Of interest, I double checked the device manage on Win 10 Pro, on the Intel Ethernet Connection I218-V drivers, they reverted to Microsoft Drivers.  3/20/2015 (  Not sure if the Intel installer failed...


          Will try to update the drivers to the latest Intel version again.

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            I was able to resolve the issue by loading the correct Intel Drivers.  Not sure why they reverted to a Microsoft driver.


            Unfortunately, the driver download page for the D34010WYKH does not have the driver.  My adapter is the i218-V.  Yours may be different.


            One way to ID the adapter:

            Right click on START

            click on DEVICE MANAGER

            click the chevron (>) next to NETWORK ADAPTERS

            identify your LAN adapter (as mentioned mine was i218-V), open the device and double check that the driver is signed by Microsoft, not Intel, or that the Intel driver is older than June 2015.


            Then go to Intel driver site:

            enter your adapter and look for drivers.


            Mine was Intel Pro/Lan 20.2 version.  Downloaded and installed and resolved the reboot issue.


            Hope this helps.  Frustrating situation.

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              Exactly the same problem solved in the same way.Really the fact is that the device works perfectly with Windows 10. The graphics have improved (perhaps by using DirectX 12), the layout of the icons is more atractive, and overall I like it.

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                Thanks walkabt, that fixed it!


                For others:

                At the Intel Driver Download Center, there is currently only one Windows 10 driver:

                "Network Adapter Driver for Windows 10"

                Download file looks like: PROWinx64.exe