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    Unable to detect Secondary Monitor after Windows 10 Update


      Hi all,


      My Desktop (HP Compaq Pro 4300) running on Windows 7 was able to support dual monitor using a Daiyo USB 3.0 to 3 in 1 combo dongle Fast LAN + USB 2.0 + VGA.

      System info.jpg


      But after updating to Windows 10. It's not able to detect the secondary monitor in the Display settings nor is there any settings to detect secondary monitor in the Intel(r) HD Graphics Control Panel.

      Graphics Hardware IDS.jpg

      I've tried changing another USB port, updating the driver (but its up to date) and rebooting the system but it still does not detect the secondary monitor.

      Would appreciate much help if any way this problem could be resolved as it was working fine before the Windows 10 update.


      Thank you!