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    DG35EC and windows 7 Slow performance


      I have a dg35ec motherboard with Core 2 Quad 2.66 and 8g memory.  I have been trying to install windows 7 upgrade professional.  The setup was extremely slow.  It took over a day to finish.  Once it was finished, login and the performance of the os is so slow that it is useless to use.  Open task manager and the cpu is from 25% to 100%.  I have updated the bios, try the windows 7 drivers and install from scratch again.  No good. I need Help.  Does this motherboard support windows 7? I was wondering could i be missing a setting in the bios?  I have already spent 4 days in trying to get this to work with windows 7.

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          Found that if I have all four memory slots taken then Windows 7 runs slow.  Leave only two then it runs fine.  Either I have a faulty motherboard or its a problem with this motherboard.  I have tried the memory on all slots and swappeed it around.  It seems to be when all four slots are taken then window 7 runs slow.  Take 2 out and only at 4g of memory it is fine.  I am using 2g ddr2 800 for each slot.


          So, I just did further troubleshooting. I got hold of 4 1g ddr2 667 and it works with all 4 slots.  Now I took the 2gig and filled 3 of the slots that brought it up to 6g and no problems. Looks like the problems happens when I have 8gigs.

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            I've had problems with all Windows 64 Bit OS with 4 sticks of RAM (8GB) and BIOS 0117 on the DG35EC (Slow performance / strange problems).  I reverted to BIOS 0116 and all is well.

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              Thanks for this.  I downgraded to bios 0116 and it is working.

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                I wanted to mention that I too am experiencing these same symptoms.  The board I am using is the DQ35JO with Windows 7 Ultimate x64 with 8GB of ram installed.  The difference I notice however is that when I have virtualization enabled, the boot process takes forever and never reaches the desktop.  If I disable the all the virtualization features and keep the 8GB of ram installed it boots normally.  I have the latest Oct/2009 bios installed.

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                  Which processor?

                  And does it work with less than all 4 sticks installed?  (I'm assuming 4x2GB).

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                    CPU is E8400 and the ram is 4x2GB.


                    I have not tried with less than 8GB with virtualizatoin enabled, only with 8GB enabled/disabled. I will decrease the ram and enable/disable virtualizatoin tonight and post back with the results.

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                      I've tested with only 4GB with virtualization enabled and it does not boot, slow as with 8GB.  When virtualizaton features are disabled 4GB and 8GB boot normally.  With this testing, there is sufficient evidence pointing to the virtualization features being the root of the problem.


                      How can I bring this to the attention of the bios engineers?


                      BIOS Version/Date    Intel Corp. JOQ3510J.86A.1122.2009.1027.2020, 10/27/2009

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                        As in my other reply, you could always try flashing down a BIOS revision or two first.  I don't know whether or not it will work for certain having not used that board in awhile.


                        Bringing it to the attention of Intel engineers is difficult, all I could suggest is to use phone support or live support ( http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/  ...bottom right, it doesn't show up correctly on my browser, looks like a dead box, but it functions during work hours) to report your issue.  The support representative decides whether to elevate it or not.

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                          I took your advice and had a chat with live support and gave details about the latest bios and the issues I've noticed.  Support said that my info would be passed along to the bios developers.  Hopefully this will be addressed in a timely manner.  Thanks again for your suggestion.

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                            Intel DG35EC Board is designed for Windows Vista. As we know that Vista is flop Windows due to slow performance and non-compatiblity with old windows aplications.. Then Microsoft designed upgrade of windows vista which is Windows 7.And it is 100% compatible with Windows Vista Hardware.

                            I have Intel DG35EC Board with latest Bio and Drivers.

                            Processor 2.5GHZ Dual Core,2GB Ram and Nvidia GeForce 9400GT.

                            With latest Windows 7 Ultimate.

                            It has excellent speed performance with windows 7.

                            It takes only 18 min to install whole windows setup with out any problem.

                            This Board only have only trouble with Sound which can be solved by installing latest drivers and some tricks but in windows 7 U have no need to install Audio

                            Driver Windows install it Automatically.

                            To check compatibility of ur system install Windwos 7 Advisor befor installing Windows 7.

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                              I have a similar config as you but, honestly, have not been able to enable the VT (virtualisation) in the BIOS ... .just can't seem to figure out what to enable!!

                              I am also using the current BIOS (with Q9550 processor) and would appreciate any info on how to enable the VT in the BIOS.


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                                reinstall the latest bios - worth a try.

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                                  I had success with the VT options with earlier BIOS versions and 4GB of ram.  It was only recently that I doubled my ram to 8GB and installed the latest BIOS and found that it was not agreeing with the ram increase.  I'm not certain if the previous BIOS versions performed correctly with 8GB.  I'm just hoping for a BIOS fix in the near future. For now, I can either have the 8GB of ram, or halve it and turn on VT.