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    Support form is broken, Live Chat is offline, phone support isn't answering


      www.intel.com/support goes to this page: http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/contactsupport


      There are 5 options for support:

      1. Community - this site
      2. Live Chat - offline - why is this offline during a standard business day in the US, for 2 days in a row now?
      3. Online service request - form is broken in both Chrome and IE (the "Product/Program" box isn't marked as required, but is, and the AJAX is broken to make it fill in properly, can't advance past the first page)
      4. Phone - yesterday waited a total of 1.5 hours over 2 phone calls (I had to disconnect so I could leave the office the first time) - the estimated wait time was 5 minutes and 2 minutes, respectively - and nobody ever answered (using the North American Service Center - 1-916-377-7000)
      5. Email Pre-Sales - a link to a form that is using Intel web design from years ago - how is this still online?


      I have a NUC that has stopped working now for the second time; I just want a simple RMA. Other companies have a very easy streamlined process for this. Not only is the Intel option currently broken, the entire process is EXTREMELY convoluted. Having to submit a general form to create a ticket that can address anything from RMA/warranty, to product questions, to sales - that doesn't make sense. Then once the process begins (I had to RMA this same product last year) it is a back and forth process of email exchanges for my address and billing info (except for card number - that is a follow up phone call)


      It's 2015, why is there not an easier method to do this? The overhead has got to be more than it would cost to implement a more streamlined, less manual and error prone system. The fact I have to talk to anyone over the phone is already an inconvenience.


      Today is day #2 of trying to see if I can get ahold of someone. My phone call is 13 minutes in, it told me a 5 minute estimate, then a 2 minute estimate - that was 9 minutes ago.


      At this point I have doubts I will talk to a human even after another 45 minutes.

      This is not a good experience for end users. I know that Intel doesn't typically do a lot of direct-to-consumer sales, but it seems like there are more products that are coming out that are consumer oriented (and by "consumer" I mean they do not have an Intel account manager or direct contact, don't do volume orders or have purchase order systems, etc...)