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    DG43NB scrambles sata drive order


      When I have 2 sata drives in sata ports 0 and 1, everything is fine.  The O.S.  sees them correctly as drives 0 an 1 respectively.


      But when I plug in a third drive, the order gets scrambled.  I found plugging the 3rd drive in sata port 4 prevents the scrambling.  But now I have a sata DVD burner I want to use.  With 4 devices plugged in, I haven't found a configuration that prevents scrambling. 


      This really annoys me.  Isn't this a simple BIOS bug?  Is Intel aware of it?  Does Intel care?


      I have BIOS revision 0090.  I would install the latest, but I don't see a fix in the release notes.