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    NUC D34010WYKH no video but fan is spinning up and down


      Hello All,


      My D34010WYKH NUC has been running OpenELEC without issue for over a year until last weekend. It stopped posting and now when it turns on the fan will spin for 4 seconds, stop for 5 and then spin up for 4 more seconds. It does this until I pull the power. The green power led stays dimly lit (the same brightness when the unit is plugged in but turned off) and does not beep. I have tried using the ram module from another working model to no avail. No wireless module has ever been installed in this unit and the behavior is the same without any storage connected.


      While the unit is still covered under warranty I wanted to turn to the Intel community first to see if there was something that I was overlooking. Thank you in advance for any help and suggestions.