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    Intel HD Graphics 4000 Dual Display and sound problem




      I have a big problem with my system and this has been working ok before. Please check the pictures firt attached where can be found information about my hardware (Windows 7 Pro x64).


      Now here is how my hardware is connected and what happens:


      1) Acer AL1914 is connected to motherboards VGA-port.

      2) HDMI cable is connected to motherboards HDMI port and to amplifier Yamaha RX-V667 HDMI input 2.

      3) Yamaha RX-V667 HDMI-output is connected to Panasonic AX200 projector.


      When I start up my system so when windows is loading I can see picture in both displays. As long as my HDMI-cable is connected to my PC everything works as it should:

      I get the picture to both displays, I can use clone or extended desktop or just single ones. Also my amplifier is getting sound via HDMI as it should.


      Now if I shut down my projector:

      - There is no signal anymore for my Acer

      - There is no sound signal for my amplifier


      Even if I reboot the system: nothing changes.


      If I then unplug HDMI-connector I get the picture back to Acer but of course no sound to amplifier (because it uses signal from my HDMI-cable).


      What I have figured out is the problem with the sound:

      Windows assumes that the sound is played by AX-200. It is not reconazing my RX-V667 at all. So when I power of AX-200 It don´t regonize my amplifier and there can be no sound.


      Now if I unistall my Intel Display driver I can get the sound to my amplifier and a picture to my Acer. So the problem in both cases is with Intels driver?

      I did also unistall my Realtek sound driver. It did not change the situation.


      Please help me out, thank you in advance!