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    i7-5820k overheating


      I have an ASUS x99 deluxe MB and recently had the system crash. I tried a replacement PS and then ASUS replaced the MB. I'm now finding the processor overheating and the CPU fault LED is lighting up.


      I've tried calling the 1 916 377 7000 number to be on hold for over an hour.

      I've tried the chat support to find them never available.

      I've tried a service request and am not able to select a program / product.


      I am infuriated that I cannot get service for a product I paid good money for and am expecting better things from Intel.


      I live in central time US and try chat / phone ~ 4:30 PM CST.

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          Hello alvesri,


            My recommendation still is to contact Intel Customer Support for warranty replacement of your i7-5820k. You can use the following options to do that:

          Online warranty: Service Request Email

          Email: crmotherboard@mailbox.intel.com

          Phone: 916-377-7000

          Chat support:  Contact Support


          At this point you have done the recommended troubleshooting steps and it seems that the issue persists, what I would recommend is running the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool Intel® Download Center, if the CPU overheats we will be able to confirm it with this tool.

          Could sent us the report from the Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool.

          Please once the the diagnostic is done go to File>View Results File and sent the txt file.