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    Intel Ready Mode sleep issues


      When putting my NUC5i5RYK to sleep with intel ready mode enabled, it often will wake right back up again.  If I push the sleep button again soon after it didn't work it will work.  I've seen this behavior consistantly with windows 8.1 and now with windows 10.  Is anybody else seeing this behavior?  Any fixes?  I'm guessing it is related to daisy chaining of two monitors and graphics drivers which have had several "strange" behavior issues such as both monitors not always waking up from sleep and computer monitor sound output not always working when waking up from sleep.  Thanks for any info.





      Windows 10 Pro

      Bios: 0348


      Intel ME


      Intel Ready Mode:

      Bluetooth: 17.1.1504.05

      Wireless: 18.11

      LAN 20.2

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          I am not from Intel but I think Intel Ready Mode basically means no sleep.  The general concept is called something like Away Mode and it just does stuff like turn off the display.  Here is what Intel says:

          When enabled, Intel® Ready Mode Technology keeps your computer from going to sleep so that your applications can run. If you wish for your computer to go to sleep, you may disable the product through the configuration utility.


          Having said that, if you have disabled Ready Mode and still have such issue, the most common thing to check is the Power Management tab of Properties for the Windows drivers of wired and wireless network adapters, disable the checkbox about Wake on LAN.  Also consider disabling any similar WOL setting in the Visual BIOS and maybe even some of the advanced settings of the driver.

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            Maybe sleep isn't the proper term, but my question remains.  When enabling Intel ready mode, instead of going into traditional S3 sleep, the computer does what you describe.  It is easy to tell the difference because (in accordance with the bios settings) the power button blinks red when in traditional S3 sleep and blinks blue when in "ready mode".  My question is, is if ready mode is enabled, should I be able to command the computer to immediately turn off the monitors and enter ready mode.  I think it should work that way.  Otherwise, I have to leave the monitors on for a while and just let the computer enter ready mode after 10 minuets or so.


            Most of the time when I command the computer to "sleep" when ready mode is enabled, the monitors turn off and it enters ready mode immediately.  But, one out of three times or so, the monitors turn off and the power button starts blinking blue and then 5 or so seconds latter, the monitors turn back on.  If I hit the sleep button again, it enters ready mode.


            I don't have any issues with the computer waking itself up if I disable ready mode.  It seems to be a bug with ready mode.

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              Hello philly4,


              We tested the Intel® Ready Mode Technology for Intel® NUC on the same model that you have, it was tested several times and we did not come across with the issue you reported, we actually changed the power options and put sleep mode on and it worked fine.


              What I would recommend is changing the power options on your system, so that way you can set the time for the monitor to go to sleep.


              For further details you can check :

              Intel® Ready Mode Technology (Intel® RMT) — Setup and Configuration Guide

              Intel® Ready Mode Technology (Intel® RMT) — Troubleshooting Guide