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    Lightroom 'blue box': no hardware acceleration with video card


      Hi, I recently purchased a Skylake processor: i5 6600 with the HD Graphics 530 gpu.


      Lightroom has the option of using hardware acceleration and it needs at least OpenGL 3.3


      As far as I know and what downloading the latest driver tells me, I have OpenGL 4.3


      Reading the release notes of the driver, shows me some issues with other photo software, but noting with Lightroom, so I though perhaps it hasn't been noticed until now (something I cannot imagine).


      Anyway, I couldn't find others with the same problem.


      I'll attach the Lightroom-readings of the machine (not completely correct I think). I was mostly struck by the last few lines:


      Build: Uninitialized

      Direct2DEnabled: false

      GPUDevice: not available


      I downloaded the latest driver for the gpu:




      I can imagine the solution should come from the Adobe-side, but you never know

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