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    SurSvc.exe suddenly taking massive CPU


      Anyone else experiencing this?  I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit on a fairly old Sony Vaio.  It has a "Mobile Intel (R) 4 Series Express Chipset" with a driver marked: version


      I am not a particularly technical person, but this is dragging me down.  Help!

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          Sorry you are having that problem. That is the service used by the Intel Product Improvement Program in the Intel Driver Update Utility. That service shouldn't be doing that. I've heard that in rare cases this can happen. We will get it fixed in a new version of the utility.


          In the meantime, if you launch the utility and go to the Settings tab, uncheck the option to participate in the program. That will remove the service. If you get any errors, uninstall the driver update utility completely and reboot. Then when you install the utility do not opt into the product improvement program and the service won't be installed.


          There might be a Sony application that uses the service, so if you don't have the Intel Driver Update Utility, then check for one of those apps.



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            I checked with the developers about that service and I was mistaken about the Sony application. It does run periodically if you participate in the Intel Product Improvement Program. Even though the service reported a high CPU, it might be running OK. I apologize for the bad information.


            SurSvc.exe runs with below-normal priority, so it shouldn't slow down anything else on your machine. Also, if the CPU usage goes high, it should only be temporary while collecting data and sending a report. The usage should not stay high for a long period of time.


            Are you seeing the CPU usage for SurSvc.exe going high and staying there? It should not happen, but if the high CPU does not go away on its own, let me know.



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              That you for telling me how to opt out of the service.


              When this service runs on my Windows 10 PC, it runs for hours, not minutes.

              It uses 95% of CPU.I can't use any browser or program until I go into task manager and stop it.

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                Hello All:


                Thank you for contacting Intel communities.


                I understand that your are having a CPU usage issue with the process SurSvc.exe that is related to Intel Product Improvement Program.


                My recommendation would be to visit the Developer Zone forums that provide support for this Improvement Program.


                Here you can find their forums


                Intel® Software Improvement Program | Intel® Developer Zone



                Esteban C