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    What is the max current for VIN pin to shields on the Edison Arduino board?


      From the Feb'15 hardware guide, it's clear that the maximum continuous current draw through the 5V switching power supply is 1 A (from figure 6 on page 18 of the Hardware Guide).  My question is what are the limits on the current through the VIN pin to an external shield(s)?  That same schematic shows two Schottky Diodes between J1 and VIN (CR6 and CR7)presumably for reverse voltage protection of the board.  Does anyone know that the current specification is for those diodes?  I googled "D2BW319000" which is the labels provided in the schematic, but didn't find anything useful other than links back to the circuit schematic of the Edison board.


      I am presuming that the allowable current is at least 1 A since the voltage regulator is capable of supplying that much to the internal circuit.  But I don't want to go beyond the limit.  I've already had one board die BEFORE I hooked up anything to it, so I'm a little gunshy at the moment.