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    Problem with Last Driver and in w10 64bit with dx!


      hey, i have a problem with driver
      I have a w10 64bit and i7 4510u hd4400 and i install last driver for dx12 or dx11.3 but i have a problem in w10

      problem is:

      intel Control panel say:
      version execution is 12.0

      but version supported hardware is 11.1

      But i install last driver for dx12 or dx11.3 whay is this in intel control panel ''version supported hardware is 11.1'' when it should be '' version supported hardware is dx12 or 11.3 '' O.o



      ''In Intel panel say like: it is hadwerd hd4400 max to dx11.1,I: but i install last driver for dx11.3 or dx12.... and way can not use the option dx12 or dx11.3 whay?''


      I tried to install in: Driver Update Utility and as classic download in (Intel® Download Center)



      How install driver reular for w10 or how fixed this problem?


      thank you very much and sorry for bad English