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    IntelEdison is not working.


      For 6months Edison was working well, but today the accident happend.

      When I tried to use the external battery, laptop and edison were DOWN at the same time.

      after that the edison's DS3 light is non stop  blinking fast and the board start heating. Edison is not working, Laptop is not working as well.


      so I tried to flash it by 'phone flash tool'.


      Error log :


      08/17/15 12:57:45.917  ERROR  : [Port -1] Command `Wait for device with status dnx_fw on port -1` failed

      08/17/15 12:57:45.917  ERROR  : [Port -1] Flash failed (Command type: Device enumeration)


      I think mainboard is broken, and the computer cannot connect the Edison.


      Is there any solution?

      Can I A/S it (In Korea) ?