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    Feelin' kinda dumb


      Ok, I'm trying to wipe my x-25 g1 ssds with HDDErase 3.3 and then install Windows 7. I download and unzip it and it shows up as an application instead of an iso. I can convert it to an iso and create a boot disk using IMG but when I boot, it just goes to Windows. I have boot from cd and legacy enabled on my classified mb. What the heck am I missing? All I want to do is wipe my drives and fresh install my new os. As I've mentioned in a previous post, I missed the boat with AHCI on my Vista install and I appreciate the on the fly registry fixup info but I thought, gee, I'll just HDDErase, do a fresh install with AHCI setup and be good to go. Any way to wipe these bad boys?

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          I was dumb too

          I didn't even look at my bios.

          But I think I am using IDE.

          My 160bg SSD is running ok...



          Using HDDerase is good.

          Let be 10 % un-allocated.

          Don't use defragmentation or indexing.

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            jmt54, did you specifically generate a "Bootable CD", with all the necessary DOS bootfiles on the bootable section of the CD? (I think, some proggies can do that for you, but not all).

            If not, you just have a non-bootable data CD.

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              Yes I made a boot-cd with the iso file from Intel.

              (you need a cold start of the pc....with the cd in the dvd-player&writer)

              The job was done in minutes

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                I mean the HDDerase boot CD...

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                  Ok, I understand a little more of what I don't understand, if that makes sense. I have to create a dos boot disk with HDDErase 3.3 on it. I read the instructs on the readme file and dang if it's not beyond me, 'm ashamed to say. I get that once I do it I can use it to erase my drives, but I don't get the step by step of doing it... actually creating it. And I'm guessing that's the ONLY way to return my drives to factory state. I've been reading more about the 1st gen's issues and I know trim isn't supported now (or ever) if I install Win 7 but I would still like to get a blow by blow of how to set up 3.3 up as a boot disk. I downloaded DOS 6.22 so I know I'm pretty close...

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                    I am also no expert on creating bootable CDs, but if you do a Google search on that subject you should easily find a step-by-step guide.

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                        Google yes

                        A lot of text to read but not one simple step by step setup for een dos-boot disk.

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                          Ok, I'm pretty convinced of my ignorance now. Here's the way I think it is for me. To wipe my g1 x-25s I need to create a DOS boot disk, having HDDErase 3.3 on it. From all that I've read, if I could get to that point, the rest would be easy...it would recognize my drives, I wipe them and boom, back to factory condition. I could enable AHCI, install my OEM copy of Windows 7, and even though my drives don't have TRIM, I'd still be pretty good to go. Right now I've got Vista 64 on an 80g and although I've been careful to keep only the os on it, it's filling and I've got about 20% left free. Restore point is off. I have one 160g g1 with a couple of games on it, barely touching the capacity. And I have another 160g g1 uninstalled that I'm sitting on ready to go. I've been trying to understand DOS 6.22 but honestly, it's beyond me to create this boot disk at my current skill level. Is there really no other way to reset these drives to factory? Maybe I shoulda' known a lot more about ssd's that I do before I got them but man, even to a old guy like me that's only built a few systems, these things are too tempting! Maybe I should just quit whining, save up and get the gen2's and let TRIM be my friend. Honestly though, you read the forums and guys who are apparently lots more computer savvy than me just casually say, "and create a DOS environment, generate a boot disk and Voila!" Huh? Geez, I really am feelin' kinda dumb...

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                            Do you have a floppy disk drive?? Then it's even easier - just format the floppy disk as an "MS-DOS boot disk" under Windows, and copy the HDDerase files on it. Then boot with the floppy, type in "hdderase.exe" (eventually with its parameters) and there you go!

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                              No, for the first time I guess I actually could use one...On Anand's site they mention that Intel offered gen1 guys HHHErase. I'm waiting to hear back from them to see if maybe that's something I could get. Frustrating to know there's a way to do it and you don't have the level of skill to knock it out. Thanks for the help and encouragement. I see where some other guys are having trouble with win7 and their g2 drives. Maybe I'll just wait til next year and see if the firmware shapes up on the newer drives and save my pennies for that. Got a lot to learn I 'spose...