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    Terrible WiFi Speeds with Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230


      Hi Everyone,


      I have a HP ENVY TouchSmart m6 Sleekbook with a Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230 as my wireless network adapter.  I have 200mbps internet, but when I sit right next to my router I only get about 100mbps download speeds.  Then when I move over about 20 feet to my dining room table (where I keep my laptop normally), I get around 15mbps.  I can open up a different laptop and get 200mbps download speeds anywhere in my house.  I'm not a computer expert, but is this most likely an issue with my network adapter?  I just tested out my internet speed while plugging into my router with an ethernet cable (as opposed to wireless) and I'm getting 220+ mbps download speeds.


      Is it possible to upgrade the wireless network adapter on my laptop?  If so, do I need to check for compatibility or anything?  I'm not even sure where I would get started and how I would know what to get.


      Also, if it means anything, I am using Windows 10.  I've always had relatively bad wifi speeds with this laptop regardless of the operating system though.


      Thanks in advance!