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    Question: Xbee Connection



      I'm working on the IoT for the past one month. I was able to read data from various sensors directly from the board. Also I was able to establish connection between the Xbee modules (Remote & Host Xbee's).

      Now I want to read the sensor values via Xbee modules.(Not directly).


      I want to take readings from Analog/Digital Sensors (connected to remote Xbee) from Host Xbee (in API mode) connected to Intel Edison. And I'm using Javascript for coding the IE board. I was able to receive data till host Xbee, but unable to obtain the data on Intel Edison.


      Do we require any other api's apart from serialport  & Xbee-api to receive/transmit & build/parse API frames respectively via the board's serial port.


      Any inputs in this case, so that, it will help me solve the problem is appreciated.


      Thanks & Regards,