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    Intel igpu (4600) - HDMI - Nvidia Optimus - Sound/video nightmare...back from the grave.



      starting a new post for the same issues I posted a year ago...

      I am now convinced that the optimus technology and association with an intel igpu is deeply flawed. Here's why:

      I am trying to connect my laptop to a tv through a hdmi cable.

      Expected behavior: start computer / plug cable / switch on tv / play games & listen to music on your tv.

      That's not what happens at all with my Lenovo Y50 (4600+860m).

      When I plug a hdmi cable, the laptop display is cloned on the tv but any video stutters at roughly 20fps and there is no sound (my own videos, youtube etc).

      After trying a gazillion intel drivers (including hdmi test), the results have always been the same.

      After searching the depths of old posts on the net, someone suggested closing the lid of my laptop or using windows' "second screen only" option.

      Lo and behold. BOOTING or REBOOTING the laptop with everything plugged-in makes it work: videos work smoothly and WITH SOUND on the TV (intel hdmi audio for displays). If I just switch to "second screen only" option without rebooting first, videos don't even load! The drawback is that my laptop screen is condemned to remain black. Cloning display produces above, broken results.


      Next part of the nightmare...GAMES. You know why I bought a laptop with a 860m chip? to PLAY GAMES. Thank you Lenovo for not allowing me to switch off the intel 4600 igpu. Thank you Lenovo and NVIDIA for "wiring" the NVidia chip to the intel igpu and messing up hdmi connections.

      What happens when I play a game, still using the "second screen only" option (black screen on laptop):

      The games DO use the NVIDIA chip, thank GOD. But no sound is played through intel's hdmi for displays playback device (DUH!). There is of course NO NVidia hdmi playback device (although there is a NVidia audio driver in 'device drivers'. The only way to have sound is to use my realtek chip as the default device, which implies that no sounds comes out of the better-sounding tv.

      yes, it is a nightmarish design.

      Optimal pain-free dreamlike setup WOULD HAVE BEEN to: let us use the NVidia chip whenever we want, allow us to clone display when we want, and play sound through NVidia hdmi audio as it is meant to be (see traditional pc setup).

      Ranting is over.

      Can anyone at intel confirm that my laptop will never work simply with hdmi?

      Thanks in advance.