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    NUC5i3RYH unable to boot.




      I am trying to setup a new NUC, all components, RAM, HDMI etc are new, delivered today only.


      I have put in RAM in place, and I am booting from a USB. Everything was normal at first. I was able to use the live ubuntu system. I saw the system information to make sure RAM is properly in place. It was. BIOS was accessible as well. I had a working Logitech bluetooth keyboard/mouse.


      Then I tried to update the bios, to latest available version. The update failed, it was stuck at Intel Management and then after 15-20 minutes the NUC rebooted normally. Everything was still normal by this time. I could go into the BIOS, or the live ubuntu system on USB. Display was all ok. Then I switched the NUC off.


      Now the NUC isn't turing on. I press the power button, the blue LED is there, but the screen is blank. No BIOS, nothing on the screen.


      Right now I am trying to re-flash the BIOS using this method: Intel® NUC Boards and Kits — Power Button Menu BIOS Update Instructions


      I have a logitech bluetooth keyboard/mouse connected, which was working earlier. I am unable to see anything on the screen, but after the 3 beeps I pressed F7. I can hear the NUC's fan, but other than that there is no visible response from the NUC.


      Any help will be greatly appreciated.