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    My old server SC5300LX+SE7520BD2 won't boot after removing a second PSU




      I have a intel server SC5300LX+SE7520BD2 with 1+1 redundant PSU (Delta electronics C46098-005).  As one of the PSU had a amber led lighting, I decide to check the part-number and I did this by, shutdown the system, remove both the power cord, remove the failed PSU, plug again the power cord on the good PSU and press the power button.

      However, for my complete surprise, the server didn't boot.

      Then I try to insert the other PSU (the failed one) again but the server still don't boot.

      I notice there is no any led lightning on any PSU, so I am not sure could be the problem.


      Any suggestions is really welcome. I am stuck on this and I don't know if I should replace the boot PSU or, the mainboard, or even the AC-026A power distribution divider (Delta Eletronics C46103-007)