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    Galileo Gen 2 and DediProg - JTAG cable?


      Well, I feel foolish. I've got a Galileo Gen 2 board and managed to brick it. No problem; it was an excuse to pick up a DediProg, which I was going to do anyway. I even picked up the 2x5 JTAG cable that the Galileo needed.


      Except - that's the JTAG cable for a first generation Galileo. The second generation has  2x5 header with .05" (.127mm) pin spacing; the first evidently had .1" (.254mm) pitch. Oops.


      Now I either need an adapter for a .1"-to-.05" 2x5 header or a different cable. I'm unable to find either one at DediProg, Mouser, Digikey, Element14, AdaFruit, Sparkfun, or any of the other places I normally source from.


      What's everyone else doing for JTAG cabling with the Gen2 board? I'm getting desperate enough to hack together a cable (which would be ugly) or design an adapter board (which is more work than I'd like to put into it at this point).