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    Online support not working



      I am currently trying to send in an i7-4790k under warranty and have received the warranty order number as well as instructions for returning the product. The packing instructions that were sent to me are for a motherboard and not for a processor. I have not been able to log in to the service request section of the website to ask questions regarding the packing and shipping of my processor. The page will not load after I log in. I have tried over the last few days with no success. I have also tried sending an email through the website and using the live chat which both have given me errors when loading the pages.


      Here are my questions:

      - Do I send the heatsink and fan with the processor? I have read conflicting information on different areas of the website.

      - Do I have to include a Land Side Cover as described in this document? If so, how can I get one from Intel? http://cache-www.intel.com/cd/00/00/46/37/463788_463788.pdf


      The agent who had been handling my service request asked that I let him know if I would like the standard or advanced warranty but since I cannot open the service request section of the warranty centre I can not respond. Is there another way to contact him?


      Thanks for your help

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          Hi jds10419,


          Please go to the following website: Contact Support you will find multiple ways to contact Intel Support, they should be able to assist you.

          Remember to have your Service Ticket number available.



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            Thanks for the quick response. As I mentioned, I have received errors when trying to use the other forms of support. I have tried using Explorer, Blackberry Browser and Safari.


            - Live Chat: the popup window with the questionnaire doesn't display properly, I can't scroll down to answer all the questions in Explorer. When I used Safari I make it to the wait screen which hangs for a minute then I receive a message that there is an error in my request.

            - Online Service Support: when I log in to the "Check Warranty Status" all I receive is a blank screen and I can't access the page to ask questions or post responses to the agent I have been dealing with

            - Email: I have filled out the website's email form and quoted my service ticket and rma numbers but when I click submit I receive a mostly blank page that says something about a "mailform error".


            I will call the phone number on Monday but I thought these issues should be brought to someone's attention and I'd like to get answers asap so I can continue the warranty process.


            Thanks again

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              I am also having this issue. I need to make a warranty claim and intels website seems to be broken all around.

              #1 The system cannot process my request for warranty info when i type in me fdo number or whatever its called.

              #2 cant live chat with anyone

              #3 when i try to log in to my account for process a new warranty claim it just takes to a blank space and loses the https

              #4 if i try to skip sign in then when i fill out that i want to make a claim for warrranty support and fill out the form it says i need to fill required info WELL EVERYTHING IS FILLED

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                Same here.  Trying for a couple of hours already, nothing works. :-(

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                  Finally got live chat working on internet explorer. The agent answered all my questions so I am good to go. I still can't access the check warranty status page though.


                  Good luck guys.