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    CHIPSET PM965 800fsb and CPU 1066fsb




      I want to upgrade my laptop and i want to know if 1066FSB processor is  compatible with PM965 800FSB chipset, on many forums some says it is compatible and some says it is not. If anyone have useful information will be highly appreciated.



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          Hi there,


          The PM965 have FSB speed of 800Mhz meaning this is the maximum operating frequency bus speed. You may be able to use processors or memory module that have 1066 or higher FSB but they will all work at 800Mhz. Hence if you use a processor which has 1066MHz FSB, the system will clock the frequency down to 800Mhz and you system will work at 800Mhz FSB rather than 1066Mhz. It is the same thing that will happen if you use memory that have higher frequency than 800Mhz.


          Also, it should be noted that some processors or memory having 1066Mhz may not be supported at all and could damage the system. Better you check with the manufacturer before you do so.


          Hope this info will be helpful to you.



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            Thanks, if it downclocks the FSB means it will downclock the Base Frequency aswell. So the best processor for PM965 is T9500 2.6GHZ  800FSB 6MB, currently i am using T8300 2.4GHZ  800FSB  3MB. Would it make any noticeable dfference?
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            I am using fully loaded Vista Ultimate and after upgrade to SSD boot up time is 16sec and Shutdown is 5sec and other heavy programs are very quick. I have mod this note book to its limit the only thing left is CPU which i will definately upgrade.
            The confusion was FSB which is not clearly stated in the manufacturer documents thats why i have choosen this forum here, which i have found helpful after your reply. Now what do you suggest?
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              Did you complete the CPU upgrade? If so what frequency was produced?

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                Yes i have done the cpu upgrade but not with 1066fsb cpu. Since it is downclocking the FSB to 800mhz and base frequency aswell, it means that PM965 can only support upto 2.6ghz 800fsb  6mb and that is T9500 the last and the most powerful for PM965. Now i am using T9500 and it is working good.


                I have upgraded the ram from PC2  5300 to PC2  6400  but there is no difference because PM965 supports only 667mhz of ram which is PC2   5300  so it is also useless.  Anyways it is working great



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