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    No display on D34010WYK


      Hi all,


      So I updated to Win10 last week and all seemed good. The next time I came to use my NUC I had no display and have been in the dark (pun intended) ever since.



      Intel NUC D34010WYK

      4GB Geil DDR3LP 1600Mhz

      Samsung 120GB mSATA SSD

      Panasonic TV via mini-HDMI to HDMI



      No display at all, not even BIOS.

      I can tell by sounds coming from a speaker connected to the audio jack that I can get into Windows, and it recognises when I plug/unplug devices.


      Attempted fixes:

      Change of HDMI cable

      Change to DisplayPort cable

      Change to Dell U2713HM monitor - both cable types

      Clean and reseat memory and SSD

      'Blind' BIOS reset - as I can't even get that on screen

      Forum search for similar issues


      If anyone has some ideas of where to go from here I'd be most receptive, I don't particularly feel like having to fork out a fortune to have someone look at it in a shop.



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          Hey Jedi,


          I have a similar issue on my NUC D54250WYKH... was working well with my Samsung S27C590H for the pass one and a half years... until a few days ago when the NUC boots without display over the mini HDMI... Was able to verify the OS working through the boot up and shutdown tunes.


          Have you by any chance found a solution already that you can share?


          Cheers! =)