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    Win 8.1 to Win 10 FAIL:


      Trying to upgrade to Windows 10, but I'm getting an error "critical hardware components made by intel for your PC don't have drivers for windows 10 yet".  Used the Intel tool and still won't work.

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          Having the same issue. I would like the Windows message to give a clue as to what the issue is!


          My system is a new build. I have installed the Intel driver updating software and it reports that all Intel drivers are correct.


          Tried to o a search for the "Critical hardware components" message on the Intel web page and NOTHING matched. (Not even your posting!. I found your post only by chance. Intel search feature fail.)


          Can anyone suggest how to find the issue that is stopping the W10 update?


          Thanks from "Down under"

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            Every time I go to the Intel Driver Update Utility, it shows the same "available drivers", even though I've installed/repaired them 4 times now.  I've opened a support ticket at Dell.com to see if they have any ideas.  I have two identical units and the other took the upgrade just fine. 

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              Same with me, except from Windows 7. I used the tool and it identified that I needed a SetupChipset.exe, which it downloaded. I ran the driver, and it said it successfully installed, while the tool said it had failed. Did this four times, with the same result. I’m not sure which to believe. I also downloaded the .exe file manually, and ran that, apparently with success. However, it changes nothing about the Windows error message.

              I’m not on a Dell machine, but a custom build.

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                Also having this same issue!  I've re-downloaded the "latest" driver multiple times and even opened a thread here, but it seems to be a reoccurring issue.  Wonder if a force update will work?  I'm on an HP ENVY dv7 with an i7 processor.


                Tried to force update... it was a bust.  Nothing happened.  I guess it's all up to Intel... which I have not heard from.  I have tried installing the "latest" update driver (which is the exact same one I've got currently) and nothing happens.  It'd be nice to get an update from Intel soon rather than to wait for nothing.


                This is the thread I've started with no luck in an answer:

                Cannot upgrade to Win 10 due to:

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                  Hello, What's the tool used (and "where do you get it") to identify the hardware with the driver issue. MS just reports that an Intel driver is not available for Windows 10. I know that I have an I7 4790, but I would like more information to help look for a solution.


                  Intel, if you read these posts, the world is starting to wonder if buying Itel cpus is a bad idea........

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                    Hi A37ndrew:


                    This is where I found it: Intel® Driver Update Utility. Can’t remember where I stumbled across it, but it gave conflicting messages for me.

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                      Thanks Jack.Yan, I have already run that tool and it reports that everything is "up to date". I'm more looking for a Microsoft tool/report that will give me more info on the "missing Windows 10 driver for Intel".

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                        Sorry, I realized that right after I pressed ‘Add Reply’ and scrolled up.


                        I hope someone knows … sounds like we are stuck on similar things (and in the same hemisphere).

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                          My processor is an I7 4790.


                          Here's a silly question.....


                          If you are using the video ports on the motherboard (which I'm NOT doing) is any of the video processing done on the CPU? (I have heard of some people talking about Intel video drivers as being part of the issue.) It might be that there are Intel video cards that are casing a problem for them. My video card is a GV-R726XOC, which doesn't sound very "Intelly" to me.

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                            It shouldn't matter if you're using it, the driver tool should have found if it's missing and loaded it so MS would load Win10.


                            A chat with Intel and they told me it was a Dell issue, which of course would presume that all of you are also using Dell PC's.... not likely.

                            A second chat with Intel and they told me it was a Microsoft issue, which given MS's history is quite possible.


                            One would think since these behemoths claim near to be akin to sister products that they could get their acts together .... duh!

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                              Nope not using a Dell.  After all the problems my Inspiron gave me I refused to get another Dell.  I've got an HP and I've talked to HP about this (have a friend that I can consult luckily that's in HP) and downloaded "HP Support Assistant" (which is the same things as "Intel Utility Driver Update", but for HP) and everything is up to date.  I only get a message about an update with Intel and that's my driver.  It says that the latest driver for me is:


                              and the one I've got installed is:


                              I'm no genius, but from what I'm looking at.... it's the exact same thing?!

                              Tried installing this "latest" driver 7 times and have to do a restart/reboot. Each time I get the same thing, but before it goes to my desktop I get a Command Prompt screen that scrolls real fast.  Of course Intel is going to point their finger at someone else.  It's easier to blame someone else than take the blame and fix it.  Guess those of us who are experiencing this problem won't be able to upgrade?  Is that what I'm understanding, Intel?

                              The only other update I get through the update screen under:

                              Control Panel\System and Security\Windows Update

                              Is for my bluetooth printer and it's not wanting to update either, but that's a printer update failure, not Intel.

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                                Hmmm.  My only issue with "forcing" the update is that if anything goes wrong, everyone will be pointing at me, instead of at each other.


                                Let us know if all goes well.  Thanks.

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                                  Yeah no worries, I'll try it and see what happens.  This is the first time I was actually able to get the "Downloading Windows 10" on my windows update.  I'll let you know what happens with a updated post.



                                  Came back with an update error about "WindowsUpdate_80240020 OR WindowsUpdate_dt000" and it deals with the downloads folder, deleted everything in that folder and trying again.

                                  Will get back with another update


                                  Final Update about force updating.  It would appear that this does not work.  Keep getting that error.  It's another bust so I deleted the first message so not to confuse anyone.  I wonder how many people this might force to Mac?  Intel, if you're hurting for money now, no answer to anyone will force them to go elsewhere.  Any answer is better than NO answer, even if you don't have a timeframe, it'll put our minds at "ease"

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                                    Just woke up to hear your bad news.


                                    No one is game to download the Windows 10 iso media image and try installing from that? (I'm not that bold )

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