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    The 1,483rd person with connectivity problems on an Intel ac-7260 wifi card


      New here. I seem to be the 1,483rd person who has problems using an Intel ac-7260 wifi card, and I can't find a link to any solution(s).

      I installed an Intel ac-7260 dual band wifi/bluetooth card in a Dell Inspiron m4600 laptop. I can always connect at full speed (100+Mbps) via Ethernet to my Arris/Motorola SBG-6782-ac modem/router. However I am having random and frequent dropped connections using the Intel Wifi ac-7260 card when connected to the 2.4ghz band on this unit. What's worse, although I can connect to the network via the 5ghz band with a very strong signal, I cannot surf the internet at all using the 5ghz band.



      excellent speed and reliability via Ethernet

      medium speed and poor reliability via Intel ac-7260 wifi card

      zero internet access when connected to the router via Intel ac-7260 wifi card


      One more point; a technician from Time Warner Cable came here today to investigate and was able to connect nearly instantly via the 5ghz band using his iPAD via wifi, leading us to believe that the modem/router is working correctly and the Intel ac-7260 wifi card or it's drivers are defective, either in the design or in the driver(s).


      Has Intel offered any reliable solution in all the time folks have been asking?


      Thanks in advance for any help.