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    Intel Celeron J1900 / ASRock Q1900M Mainboard Bundle HDMI Problem


      Hi, I have the following mainboard and CPU


      Intel Celeron J1900 / ASRock Q1900M Mainboard Bundle

      I have 2 Monitors with VGA inputs. One of them is connected on the VGA output of the mainboard ad works perfect. For the other one I have bought a HDMI to VGA adapter and I am not able to get any image on my second monitor.

      I use Windows 10 Pro and I use the onboard graphics adapter.

      Can anyone help me? I really need to use both of the monitors at the same time.


      Here I come with an update: Yesterday I gave up! I've searched the web for hours for a solution and no success. After every test and trial I have made, I also gave a restart to the pc but in the morning, when I have powered on my PC both monitors came to life.

      I am happy that they are working but I am a little bit annoyed that I do not know why. If I encounter the same problem in the future I do not know what to do.