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    No video on Dell P2314H




      I really hope someone here can help. I just bought a Intel NUC Kit NUC515MYHE. My monitor is a Dell P2314H. I can _not_ get them to work together. The OS will recognize and correctly identify the model number of the Dell, but it insists that it is "off" or "asleep". Meanwhile, the monitor insists that the computer is asleep.


      The OS does _NOT_ matter. At all. It is always the same and even in the NUC BIOS (where there is no Desktop Operating System in play), I get the exact same response out of the monitor.


      It is really frustrating and I could really use some help. I am at the most recent BIOS level.


      What I have tried:

      * All kinds of suggestions online for forcing a display. (Again, doesn't seem to matter the OS and it doesn't work in the NUC BIOS either).

      * Tested multiple borrowed monitors. It is something about this P2314H. The only thing I haven't been able to test is that this monitor claims it is DP 1.2a and I don't know anyone else with a 1.2a monitor. I have no idea if this is a red haring or the issue.

      * Tested multiple cables; they all work with other monitors.

      * Tested this Dell P2341H monitor and cables with multiple other computers. The monitor and the Display Port work just fine.

      * Dell tech support has said "Sorry, can't help. The monitor is obviously working as it is supposed to since it works on other systems just fine".

      * Called Intel Tech support numerous times. "Average 5 minute wait" and I hang up after 30 minutes...BTW, when you call it says "select option, or stay on the phone for assistance" and after a few times of repeating the menu, it hangs up on you...Is the hanging up the assistance I was to stay on the phone for?? Grrr...

      * Sent an email to Intel support and they obviously didn't read the email or the problem because they replied with the stupidest possible non-answer. It's been two days since their last reply. Ticket: 8001229847


      Please. I really like this thing, but without a display it is hard to use it as a replacement desktop...


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.