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    New 4790K Overheating :(


      Last week i got a full computer upgrade and i got the 4790K.  My idle temps are great (36C with a room temp of 25C) but when there's a partial or high CPU load, it rapidly climbs to scary temperatures.


      The most ive seen it max out was 100C.  I found out my motherboard (Asus Maximus VII Formula) was overclocking it by default, so using the bios i underclocked to the proper voltages from this thread.  This brought temperatures down to 90C on full load.  I then disabled hyperthreading and now it maxes out at around 80 to 88C, but this is still too high in my opinion especially since its max temp is around 74C.


      I've spent a lot of time over the last few days reading posts on this and other forums and i understand its an issue with the CPU.  But why does it run so hot on the stock fan/heatsink?  Why couldn't you (Intel) include a better heatsink/fan when you knew it runs so hot.


      I have strong positive pressure in my case with tons of fans (picture):


      • Intake: Front: 1x Corsair Corsair Air Series AF120 (52.19 CFM) & 1x Antec Tricool 120 (79 CFM), Bottom: 2x Silverstone FHP-141 (130 CFM),
      • Exhaust: Rear 1x Corsair Corsair Air Series AF120 (52.19 CFM), Top: Aerocool Streamliner Silver (54.4 CFM)


      The Antec Tricool was salvaged from another case and i have it almost dead center facing the CPU so it brings in cool air.


      Also my case has a lot of metal mesh material so heat can escape from pretty much everywhere.


      I ran some tests:




      CPU: 36C

      RAM: 35C

      VIDEO: 38C

      Room Temp: 25C


      Prime 95 v26 CPU Blend Test (After 1 minute of tests*)

      CPU: 88C

      RAM: 48C

      VIDEO: 40C

      Room Temp: 25C


      Video Card (Running Video Card Stability Test after 5 minutes of testing):

      CPU: 69C

      RAM: 47C

      VIDEO: 77C

      Room Temp: 25C


      So as you can see from my tests, my video card does play a role in the temperature of the CPU, but its not a major one.


      I never overclock or change anything from stock, but these high temperatures have forced me to get a better heatsink/fan.  I've settled on two possibilities but im not sure which are best at cooling: Silverstone HE01 or Noctua NH-D15.  Anyone know which one is better at cooling the 4790K?


      P.S. My CPU isn't in the dreaded L4 batch, its in the cryptic X4 batch.

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          Hello Ruok2bu,


          Based on what you have done and that you followed the corresponding troubleshooting steps that we recommend for those type of issues the next step will be to replace the product as a process of elimination. That will help you to confirm if the processor is causing that overheating issue or if is a misreading from the motherboard because the information that you get on monitoring applications like CPUZ*, HW Monitor*, etc comes from the BIOS of the motherboard.


          You can contact your local warranty center using any of the contact options that appear on the following link: Contact Support


          You can also check the temperatures on BIOS to see if there is an unexpected temperature, which should not happen there on BIOS because there is almost no load within BIOS.


          If you need more assistance please let me know.


          Best regards,



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            The bios always shows low temperatures because nothing intensive is going on.  But thanks for the response, i'll look into RMA.