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    Intel HD 4600 Graphics no longer recognizes TV connected through DVI - HDMI




      I've been using my TV as a secondary monitor to watch movies and videos for a while now. The PC and the TV are connected via a DVI to HDMI cable and the monitor is connected via VGA. This setup has been working flawlessly until today. I usually just change the input to HDMI on the TV and then I hear the "new device connected" sound, the monitor turns on and off, and I have an extended desktop on the TV, but today something strange happened: the monitor turned off and on, and I heard the sound, as usual, but the TV showed "no signal" right after, it might even have showed the desktop very briefly before losing the signal. After that, the PC no longer recognized the TV.


      I haven't changed anything on the PC that may have something to do with this. I've tried changing HDMI ports on the TV, disconnecting the monitor and restarting (still "no signal"), unistalling drivers, reinstalling drivers, running the Intel Driver Update Utility (2.2), moving the cable... nothing seems to work. I suspect it might be the cable, since it's a rather cheap product, but I really have no way to test it on another device. Same goes for the DVI port on the PC: no way to test it. So before I go and buy another (better) cable, I'd like to rule out a software related issue.


      I'm attatching a screen capture of the system information and the driver version. Let me know if you need more information.


      Thanks in advance for your help!


      Intel Graphics.PNG


      Controlador Intel.PNG