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    Why Does My ThinkCentre 55e Crash Under Windows 10+Linux


      Tried the in-place Windows Update of Windows 7 to Windows 10.  Kinda worked at least for five mins per session.  Then black screen, power off and try again.  Have been running Windows 7 SP1 x64 successfully for several years.  Read several articles about how safe the upgrade was, so I tried it.  I suspect the problem is the video, but whatever it is, it isn't limited to Windows 10.  My various live Linux discs suffer a similar fate, where the system just packs up after five mins or so.  I know the PC has crashed as the power button doesn't initiate a normal shutdown.  Can only power off the PC.


      I was able to initiate the rollback and the PC has been running under the previous Windows 7 configuration continuously for the past several days.  In fact, I regged on this forum and typed this message, so I know the PC is otherwise stable.  For the benefit of those boring fact-oriented denizens I've attached a ZIPped copy of the SYSINFO report for the PC.


      I fully expect that the only outcome for this PC is to buy a gfx card, but one never knows does one ???  Thanx for the use of the eyeballs....

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          I recommend you run the hardware compatibility check of Microsoft before install window 10, if there is any problem it will report it or give you suggestion. You can try contact Lenovo to see if there are Windows 10 chipset and video drivers. Intel has no drivers for windows 10 for that chipset. You can try removing original windows 7 drivers and run the update, if there are updated Microsoft drivers it might work.