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    Intel 4600 HD display issue



      Screen is off-center and text is blurry.  Half the taskbar and half of all the left-most icons are cut from the screen.  I feel like I've narrowed this down to an Intel graphics driver problem because when I uninstall or disable the intel graphics adapter the windows basic display adapter kicks in and works perfectly.


      Some smaller questions/issues:

      The Intel Graphics Control Panel lists my operating system as "Windows 10 Pro Insider Preview" when in fact its Windows 10 Home.

      The Panel also lists my monitor as "Samsung digital television" when its a regular Samsung monitor (SyncMaster 2494HM).

      The driver date according to windows is 7/17/2015.  Does this mean my driver actually was not updated since the windows10 main release?

      Would my NVidia card work if I fully uninstall my Intel driver? Or is NVidia dependent on the Intel GPU/drivers?


      Comp: Alienware X51 R2 desktop

      OS: Windows 10

      GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4600

      monitor: Samsung SyncMaster 2494HM

      other card: NVidia GeForce 645 (uninstalled and disabled)

      Resolution: 1920 x 1080

      All drivers, chipsets, BIOS etc. have been upgraded to latest.


      I suppose I'm just waiting for an update for now...