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    Nuc DN2820FYK - Certified SSD (problems with my current SSD drive)


      Hello Intel Support,


      Last year, I bought a DN2820FYK NUC kit with the below SSD drive:


      SSDNow V300 SV300S37A/120G, 120 GB SSD

      At some randon interval times, my NUC does not recognize the SSD and tries to boot from the network. This is pretty annoying but my retailer is unable to provide me a reasonable solution.


      So, i'd like to know which SSD's are certified. Looking in the existing documentation (Intel® NUC Kit DN2820FYKH — Tested Peripherals) only gives me SSD drives which are EOL (only the Intel 530 series is still available, but the successor has already been launched on the market).


      I'd like to know which SSD drives are compatible so I can choose accordingly. Needless to say, I want to buy the latest SSD model.