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    Driver Update Utility changes secondary HDD to RAID


      I ran the Intel Driver update Utility on my DH67CL based computer, and installed all of the downloaded drivers. This solved the problem I was having with the Graphics adapter, but it also converted the two partitions on my second 1 Tb HDD to RAID partitions.  The first drive. which is the boot drive, contains the OS, and is a 250 Gb SSD. What is the best method of either a) converting the partitions back to normal non-RAID NTFS partitions; or b) retreaving the data inside the RAID drives and saving it on a new "DATA" drive.

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          Cesar Badilla

          Hello jmc-fl


          The Intel® Driver Update utility downloadable version enables users to scan their computing devices for the latest up-to-date drivers available from Intel.


          Products supported with release 2.2 are: Graphics, Chipsets (Chipset INF), Wireless, Intel® Desktop Boards, Intel® NUCs.


          The Intel® Driver Update utility  does not have the ability to convert partitions on HDD's. In order to Migrate your current RAID to a different one or manage your partitions you may use the Intel® RST Intel® Download Center


          Please let us know which is the current RAID configuration (for example: RAID 1, RAID 5 ) you have so that we can provide further options.



          Cesar B.