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    Intel HD 4400


      Dear all,

      I am fighting hard with my Intel HD 4400 grafic chip.

      Simple PC with a Gigabyte GA-B85M-HD3G Mainboard.

      Once a day I got a bluescreen regardig the Intel onboard grafic. Ok trying to fix it:

      - latest Windows Updates

      - lates drivers by Intel driver utility -> Bluescreen is gone, but an error every 10 secs: (German): "Your display driver causes an error and was recovered."

      - Ok trying  latest grafic driver  manually, US and Europe -> no change

      - latest drivers for the rest -> no change

      - latest driver from gigabyte -> no change

      - latest driver from PC manufacturer (Terra) -> no change

      - deleting the grafic board from devicemanager (including to delete all driver files) and installing a microsoft driver -> no change

      - installing an external grafic board  and just using this -> everything fine, so my display is ok

      - exchanging the mainboard -> no change

      errorlogs are OK

      Minidump only shows grafic board driver problems

      I don't open any application. When the desktop is ready the error came up after ~10 secs and keeps coming till freece (after 6-7 times).

      Any idea? Please help