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    PC Power off when I unplug HDMI cable from TV (HD Graphics 4600 : i7-4790K)


      I have a MS Z97 Gaming 7 motherboard and Intel Core i7-4790K on Windows 8.1 with the latest driver ( The PC is plugged to a LG TV with an HDMI cable.

      When I shutdown my TV or if I unplug the HDMI cable from TV, 10-30 seconds after, the PC reboots. I have a 41 event in Windows System logs (Le système a redémarré sans s’arrêter correctement au préalable. Cette erreur peut survenir si le système ne répond plus, s’est bloqué ou n’est plus alimenté de façon inattendue.). If the TV is shutdown or the HDMI cable unplugged when Windows boots, I can't get display when I plug the HDMI cable or power on the TV. The PC is started, but I can't control it (it has no IP address so I can't use RDP for example).

      If I uninstall completely the Intel driver, I can unplug the HDMI cable without having the PC reboot.

      Can you help me resolving this issue? I planed to use this PC without screen plugged to stream PC games, so this is very annoying.