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    Problem finding drivers for ON board ichr9 raid cotroller!?


      FIRST I like to say first WHO is gonna build a RAID in on board RAID controller using disks that each one has 35 C when is operating? only a student or someone that do not have enough money to buy a pcie ssd with raid and the stupid intel builds are over.


      I have a raid 0 2 disks and a disk with the system installed just in case the raid 0 is blow up and i use arconics true image to clone the disk from the boot at the 3rd, to make a defrag using perfect disk, etc but my vista x64 ultimate are getting old and i can't find new drivers from Intel as they stopped supporting them so can i asked WHY? the utilities that are detecting the chipset are asking 'admin' privileges like we are in some Unix system with many terminals!?


      Windows will never be a server build anyway so why are you doing our life so complicated?