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    s3210sh cpu fan madness


      After updating BMC on motherboard and seeing message "refreshing bmc" cpu fan goes mad- it starts spinning on maximum speed, really annoying. How to configure fan speed on that moterboard?


      BMC rev 00.32

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          After updating BMC, make sure you apply latest FRU/SDR also.

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            Looks like you havent updated the FRUSDR after updating the BMC.

            Please let us know how it beheaves after updating the latest FRUSDR.




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              Actually I already updated all firmwares simultaneously. Before update there was no problem with fan spinning full throtle. I chose for chassis "other" because I have this board as desktop. S3210SHLX motherboard to be precise.


              BIOS   : S3200X38.86B.00.00.0048   Build Date :  May 22, 2009
              BMC    : 32
              FRUSDR : 14

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                I encountered the same problem this weekend while upgrading firmware on my S3210SHLC. I had chosen chassis option "Other" also. I used the EFI method of updating. I fixed my problem my running FRUSDR14.nsh in the EFIScripts folder. I chose option 1 "Chassis SC5299 UP" and when asked "Does the chassis have the optional system fan 2 (chassis front)?" I answered "n". The fans reved down and life is quiet again.

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                  I would recommend you to choose the right chassis type while updating FRUSDR.

                  If you choose other type, then there will be different fan threshold settings in the SDR file. Thats why you getting FAN boost.

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                    When the fan are spinning too loud, it can be due to:
                    1. Wrong system fans are connected on the board.
                    2. Incompatible chassis and wrongly configured SDR.
                    3. Compatible chassis with a wrongly configured SDR
                    4. Bios Settings wrongly configured.
                    5. Firmware update required


                    This board Snowhill supports EFI update.
                    Make sure that the correct system fans are connected to the correct fan headers.
                    Refer to the Quick Start Guide for more information if you are using Intel Chassis.


                    Download the latest firmware package S3200SH_BIOS48_BMC32_FRUSDR114 and extract the whole contents to the root directory of a fat formatted USB stick.

                    Plug the USB stick to the target machine and boot into the EFI shell.


                    If the usb stick is detected on the EFI shell and the file startup.nsh is on the root directory of the usk key, it will launch the update automatically.

                    It will update the BMC first.

                    - S3210SH IBMC rev 00.32 Firmware Update


                    Then afterwards, it will update the FRUSDR.
                    -  "Update FRUSDR using FRUSDR utility"


                    You will get a screen similar to this:


                    MENUTITLE   "Select the function you want to perform:"
                    MENU        "SDR"   "Update only the SDR"
                    MENU        "FRU"   "Update only the FRU"
                    MENU        "BOTH"  "Update both the SDR and the FRU"
                    MENU        "ASSET" "Modify the Asset Tag" 
                    MENU        "EXIT1" "Exit FRU/SDR update"


                    MENUTITLE   "Select the Chassis"
                    MENU        "SC5299UP"   "Intel(R) Server Chassis SC5299 UP"
                    MENU        "SC5299UP"   "Intel(R) Server Chassis SC5299 DP"
                    MENU        "SC5299UP"   "Intel(R) Server Chassis SC5299 BRP"
                    MENU        "SR1530SH"   "Intel(R) Server Chassis SR1530 SH"
                    MENU        "SR1530HSH"  "Intel(R) Server Chassis SR1530 HSH"
                    MENU        "OTHER"      "Other Chassis"


                    "Does the chassis have the optional system fan 2 (chassis front)?"


                    Select the correct chassis.
                    Select No if you have the optional system fan 2 (which is usually for drive bay)


                    Then after the FRUSDR update, it will launch the bios update.
                    -  "Update BIOS"


                    Thanks for helping out everyone.


                    All the best,


                    Kind Regards,

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                      Take a look at the attached Intel Monthly Specification Update, Errata #7.  Looks like you need a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) on file with Intel to get the referenced Fan Speed Control white paper solution for this problem...

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                        I'm using a s3420GPC board in a non-Intel chassis. To solve the problem of fans running loud, I updated the SDR and choose Non-Intel chassis and medium ramp as Fan profile.

                        regards, John