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    S2600GZ Despair....


      Hello, I did a rather optimistic thing and bought the above mentioned server board off ebay, thinking I might be able to get it working. It hasn't really worked out. I gave it to an IT repair company, who seem to have given up. Any help would be greatly appreciated, before I reluctantly write this off as a silly mistake.


      Basically, I'm getting a fatal error when powering on the board. I've referred to the manual, and deciphered the error beep code "1-5-1-2" as meaning "VR Watchdog timer sensor assertion - VR controller DC power on sequence was not completed in time"


      Due to this fatal error, I can't get any video output, or a more helpful error code to work with, so my questions is, does anyone have any idea what may cause this? Should the board power on and produce a video output without being connected to fans, heat sinks, HDs etc? I was hoping to get a sign of life before spending any more money on the other components.



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          Here are our recommendations for this issue:


          - Test the board without any memory installed looking for 3 beep codes. If there are beep codes, install minimum memory and try to boot up.

          - Clear the CMOS battery remove it from one minute and connect a regular ATX power supply. Use a screw driver to power up the board using pins 11 and 13. You can find more information on the Technical Product Specification:


          Intel® Server Boards — Technical Product Specification (TPS)


          - Test the board without the processor installed, you should receive a long beep code.


          Please try all these recommendations on a non static surface to avoid grounding. If the issue persists, we recommend replacing the board.

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            Hello Dan,


            Thanks for the reply, I've been away the past few days, so apologies for the delayed response.


            Could you please tell me if the heatsink and fans need to be connected to the board to perform the tests?




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              Hello Marcus,


              No need for apologies, completely understand. If you are planning to take the board out of the chassis I will recommend having the heatsink installed for processor 1.You can remove the second processor, heatsink and chassis fans as well. If not, you can leave all system fans and heatsinks attached to the system and do the testings.

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                I ask because I don't have the chassis, heatsinks or fans. I just have the board, and want to test it before buying the peripherals. So the above tests will work without these things?

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                  Your affirmation is correct, the tests will work without the heatsinks and fans.

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                    Hello Dan,


                    If I remove the processor and memory, and power up the board, I get the fatal error LED, and a 1-5-2-1 beep code. Looking in the Product Spec, this signifies - "no CPU installed" which is fair enough. If I insert the processor and a stick of RAM, I get the same fatal error LED, but instead get a 1-5-4-4 beep code, "Power control fault (power good assertion time out)...


                    I've tried removing the CMOS battery and resetting the bios via the jumpers, but no change.


                    You mentioned this, previously: " connect a regular ATX power supply. Use a screw driver to power up the board using pins 11 and 13" - Is this possible? The power connects to the board via a card interface, and I'm not sure where a regular ATX power supply can be connected, or how to to power up the board using pins 11 and 13. I couldn't find this mentioned in the technical spec, but may have missed it somewhere.


                    Any further help would be greatly appreciated.




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                      Hello Markus,


                      After checking the board myself I just confirmed this family of boards does not offer such option since they do not have a power distribution board so I apologize. Normally you will remove the front panel and short cut the power pins 11 and 13 when testing it outside the chassis. At this point we recommend swapping power supplies and if possible test with a different processor just for testing. If the issue persists the board or processor may be defective.

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                        Thanks for the reply and the help.


                        I have tested with a different processor (no change), but unfortunately do not have another power supply. I'm based in London. Do you know of any server servicing companies, that specialise in Intel equipment) that may be able to have a look at the board and make an assessment? I tried a local, non specialist repair centre, but they were basically useless.


                        Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated, otherwise, I think my attempt to get this board working may have come to an end.




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                          Hi again Markus,


                          My best recommendation is contacting our support group for Europe so they can assist you further on this matter:


                          Contact Support