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    Non-Z motherboards + G3258 + Windows 10 + Overclock = Fail (Windows update KB3064209)


      There is no way to overclock a Pentium G3258 on my MSI B85M-G43 (Nor on any non-Z motherboards) since windows update KB3064209 (Integrated into windows 10)


      The symptoms : any variation of the multiplier coefficient (even if it's only 100 Mhz) will cause a bootloop until you put frequencies back to stock.


      Bios is updated to latest version.


      I bought this processor because i was confident i could overclock it a bit, otherwise for the same price i could have had a 3,40 ghz instead of this 3,2 ghz.


      It was overclockable under 7 and 8-8.1 IF you passed on the KB3064209 update. But in windows 10, you simply can't.


      As you can also see if you check this reddit i'm not the only one : https://www.reddit.com/r/buildapc/comments/3f3mro/discussion_psa_windows_10_currently_not/


      (People with Z boards having problems resolved them with BIOS update, but the other boards need a rollback of this crappy update you did.)


      If it's unintentional i'm hoping for a fix when you figure it out.


      If it was intentional in order to push people into Z motherboards and higher processors like i3-5-7 then my next build, and the one after that (etc ... you get the point) will be full AMD.


      If you want people to overclock only on K processors and Z motherboards, then don't release a product like Pentium G3258 to begin with, and don't push ****** update retroactively to make matters worse.


      It's just bad marketing and in this day and age you will not get away with it and it will show on financial results.