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    Wireless / Bluetooth - Driver / Software



      My Asus G551JM laptop wireless and bluetooth drivers are old, as usual, Asus, never updates its drivers until it has a critical preventing issue!

      Well 2 questions here:




      1. The above driver should work for my laptop? It HAS Intel Wireless and Bluetooth.


      2. I just install above, there's no need for separate installation of Bluetooth driver? It will cover both?



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          If your wireless card comes installed by factory, your best option would be to always install updates from your computer manufacturer. The drivers found in our download center may be newer than that of the OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturer), however, it is important that you know that they are generic and may not be fully compatible to your system as your manufacturer always adapts the wireless card to meet all the requirements for their system.


          Regarding the Bluetooth* drivers, yes you do need to install them as well.

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            Thx dude,

            However, Asus won't update anything, perhaps!


            1. If I want to use generic driver, the above link is correct for my Intel Dual Band Wireless N-7260 ?


            2. When I install the above driver bluetooth also works! Why then?! Really needed?



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              Nevermind, maybe the quality of Asus laptops are OK, but their service qualiy is below zero.

              I cannot believe Asus support told me use generic 3rd party drivers!


              They claim they released Windows 10 drivers:




              The only Windows 10 driver releases in above link is Touchpad! Excellent!

              And this is their response:


              ASUS CASEID=RTM20150813200296-764    Please click here if you wish to reply this mail!

              Dear Omid,


              You may use windows 10 updates or you may also search for third party drivers. If you have any other concern please let me know.


              Thanks and Regards,

              Dani M.

              CCT Escalation Team

              ASUS Computer International

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                Hello OmidSS,


                Answering your two questions:

                If you scroll down when you access the link you provided, you will confirm that the Intel® Wireless-N 7260 is on the list of those adapters to what the software was designed for.


                As for the the Bluetooth*, the components are different from those of the WiFi and it comes with improvements for the Bluetooth* connection. However, if you Bluetooth is working fine, we recommend to leave it as it is.

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                  Hello aleki_intel and thanks a lot for your help.

                  Final question would be that in the provided link there are 2 versions for x64 and x86.

                  Ds32 and s32, also Ds64 and s64, it's not explained what's the difference?

                  Do you know what's the difference between Ds and s?

                  Thanks dude.